Looking for A Tutor?

  1. Need help in a certain subject? Find a tutor that is registered for the specific course on the tutor listing page. Contact them via info provided and set a time convenient for both!
  2. Buy a tutoring voucher for 5$ at the following times in JHE 121 (max of 10 per semester!)

MONDAY 12:30-1:20

TUESDAY 10:30-11:20

WEDNESDAY 9:30-10:20


FRIDAY 11:30-12:20


  1. Give your voucher to your tutor at the start of your session as payment
  2. Fill out tutor evaluation form here!


Want to Become A Tutor?

Tutors get paid 15$ for every hour of tutoring, where 5$ is paid by the student and the remaining 10$ is subsidized by the McMaster Engineering Society. How to become a tutor:

  1. You MUST have a 10 or higher (80%) in a previously completed course to be eligible, along with being a full-time undergraduate engineering student. Sign up on the “Sign Up To Be A Tutor” page.
  2. Once your academic information has been verified, you will be notified via email outlining the next steps you need to take!





If you are unable to find a tutor that can help your specific needs, then you can submit a tutoring request using the Request Tutoring Services form and a unique posting will be created on the Job Postings page.  The first tutor to apply to the posting will receive your contact information, once their academic information is verified.

A tutor is paid $15/hour regardless of the number of tutees present at the tutoring session. The McMaster Engineering Society does not endorse any separate payments mutually negotiated between the tutors and tutees outside the $15/hour specified by the program.

If you have any questions, please email saap@macengsociety.ca.